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  • Floor repair

    I've had self stick vinyl tiles on particle board in three rooms for 20 + years.
    Water heater leaked for several months in laundry room and soaked the floor. A handyman talked me into tearing up the particle board and replacing it with particle board - and charged me three times what a local licensed contractor did to replace the water heater.
    I plan to put self stick vinyl tile again. Homeguides says "...vinyl tiles can be installed on it, provided the particleboard is sealed first.
    Seal the particleboard well with a shellac sealer. Sealing is crucial with vinyl flooring because there is no grout between the tiles to prevent moisture from seeping through the installation and swelling the subfloor."

    I called the contractor who put in the water heater and he doesn't think the vinyl tiles will stick to shellac. Some others think it's a good idea, others don't.

    Any insights about this?

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    Use an oil based paint sealer like Zinnser or Kilz. Why they require an oil ased sealer is two fold, 1. it wont swell the particle board when aplied like a water based sealer will and 2 has an excellent bond strength, thus giving anything sticking to it a high bond.
    Should have used either a ply or Advantech with both of these you would have still been wise to seal but it's a water based primer that mainly gives a bond, the oil based sealers are also going to add a level of moisture protection to a very moisture sensitive flooring product.
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      It's important to properly prepare the subfloor before installing vinyl tiles to ensure the best results. While particleboard can be a suitable subfloor for vinyl tiles, it's crucial to seal it well with a shellac sealer to prevent moisture from penetrating and causing damage to the subfloor and the tiles.

      As for whether the vinyl tiles will stick to shellac, it's best to follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for the specific type of vinyl tiles you plan to use. Some types of vinyl tiles may require a specific type of adhesive or primer that is compatible with shellac. It's also important to ensure that the subfloor is completely dry and free of debris before installing the tiles to ensure proper adhesion.

      If you're unsure about the best course of action, it may be helpful to consult with a vinyl flooring company who can evaluate the condition of your subfloor and provide guidance on the best approach for your specific situation.