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Hardwood laminate squares??


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  • Hardwood laminate squares??

    I told you i might be one of the first to pick your brain.

    Back in the early 80's I was working maintenance in a large Motel/Conference Center in Massachusetts.

    The main ballroom floor was covered with 12" x 12" tiles which appeared to have a vinyl tile base similar to commercial AZROC tile. The vinyl was then covered with an aluminum foil membrane and the finished surface was a hardwood veneer about 1/8" thick.

    The tiles held up very well to the heavy traffic of thousands upon thousands of people on them daily, not to mention dancing, rough handling of tables and chairs during banquet setups, metal tipped chairs and not to mention the occassional driving automobiles over them, or even occassional oil drips from those automobiles during trade shows.

    The real beauty was that if a tile was damaged we could quickly pry out a square and replace it in the same manner as repairing AZROCK squares.

    I have forgotten the name of the manufacturer and all the floor covering dealers in my area think i am crazy. Would you by chance know who makes this type of tile and where it can be obtained?

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    First to come to mind is fritz tile.They make some of the hardest tile known to man,they put actual tile chips in their v.c.t and you have to cut this vinyl tile with a wet saw,you cannot cut it the normal way you would v.c.t. with the chop cutter,paper cutter type.
    There is a co.calledtile works of america i think it is that makes something similar to that you will find it mostly in sears stores in the home appliances section and it is called wally wood that is pretty stout stuff as well.
    Other than that i wouldn't know what you are talking about either,i'll keep thinking on it though maybe something will come to mind at bed time,thats usually when i get the thoughts of that kind of stuff popping in my head[8D]

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    floorlayers union local 1310