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  • Looking for a good deal

    I am trying to find where I can purchase carpet for a room. No installation. I am looking for good quality at a good price. I was wondering if anyone out there can give me any recommendations. Thank you
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    Don't know much about carpet, but it might help to post what area of the country you're in so someone close to you might have a suggestion.


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      southern california, USA


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        Depending on how big a piece you need, you should shop around for remnants. When suppliers get down to just a handful of feet left on a roll that they stock, they will give you a good price on it. Call around and ask. Another possible is to look for Distributors in your area, vs retailers. Another option is to check around for any major shows going on in your area. Like the Auto Show. When the show is over, they dump the carpet for as little as a buck a yard. Of course, you'll have to give a little on the color. But who knows. Depends on how picky you are.

        Good Luck,