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New doors now new laminate flooring later


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  • New doors now new laminate flooring later

    I am having new doors put on the house tomorrow and i would like to put some lamanate wood flooring down in the near future. Right now it is roll out vinyl on top of a concrete slap. so if i put laminate down it is going to be a good bit thicker. Should i tell the installer this before he puts the doors in or is there something i can do in the future to adjust for the height different. One door is fiberglass while the other 2 are steel if this makes a difference, thanks

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    Unless you have a piece of the flooring for the door installer to use as a gauge, then there's no way to tell how high the doors should be set. Most of the time trim is set off the floor about 1/2", and that allows for most types of flooring, but there's no guarantees.

    Wooden doors and frames can be cut off at a later time to accommodate the new flooring, but you may have a problem with steel doors.


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      I take it that these are exterior doors, You dont want to install them raised up to allow the laminate to go under them. The thresholds on new doors are about an inch thick and the door will clear the floor without any problem. When new doors are installed you are suppose to put a good silicone sealer under the threshold to keep air out but most important water out, If you do want to raise them you will need a filler strip under the door for a good weather seal and to give support for the threshold


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        You should tell the installer before he put in the doors...