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422 Combustion Fan Motor Bearings


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  • 422 Combustion Fan Motor Bearings

    Here is what I know about 422 Combustion fan motor bearings. I believe they are not ball bearings. And there are 3 or 4 rubber plugs ment to be removed to oil bearings with oil. On a 441 you can put new 608 bearings in and get another 10 or 15 years out of it. I have done 2 2400s. One was a bit tricky, one was a pain in the ass.

    But any one here ever replace the (sintered?) bearings with ball bearings in a 422 combustion fan motor?
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    I have never replaced the brass bearings on a 422. Oiling them seemed to do the job. The last generation of 422's did have ball bearings. I have replaced a few of them. Much eaiser than 441. To date myself little though, I have not replaced a bearing on a 422 is 20 years. Monitor heaters in our area have been replaced by Toyo's long ago.


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      Thanks for that info. Yea, these monitors days are numbered. I rebuild about 2 a year. I make my own gaskets and burner cloths from Mcmasters thanks to this forum. Burn rings are crazy expensive, about $100. Full rebuild kits with ring, pot and oem gaskets abiut $375. I have a buddy I just gave a used 422 combustion fan motor to. I told him about oiling the original one, he did but it lasted only a month. Curious to take it apart. I didnt know that the later ones had ball bearings. I tell people if they want their heater rebuilt its going to be expensive. Fan bearings and kit, $400 plus my time. Its a third of a new one but its a 25-35 year old heater so its a risk. Thanks for the info!!