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  • Wiring - Genie Keypad

    I bought a house with a Genie Screw Garage Door Opener (1/2 H.P. IS900/A) that had terminal strip wires disconnected. Following the Genie Manual, I managed to connect the STB sensors and the wall control and the door opens and closes fine using the wall control. Issues:

    (1) I cannot figure out how to connect the wired Genie Intellicode keypad to the power head since the manual is silent about the wiring for a wired keypad. What terminal numbers do the white & red (striped) wires of the wired keypad connect to at the power head? Help.

    (2) Does anyone know what remote controls work with this Genie Screw Drive 1/2 H.P. IS900/A opener? I was given a one button Stanley A9K XMULTI-CODE remote to use on this opener by the seller but I am failing to program it by following the simple instructions in the user's manual. The red learn indicator keeps blinking about 2 times per second when I press the remote button once within 30 seconds. Could I be doing something wrong or this remote is not compatible with the opener?
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    Go here and find your keypad to download the programming instructions. When you say it is a Intellicode keypad, I'm pretty sure it need a 9 volt battery and then program it to the opener, no wires.
    You are doing it right when you try to program the remote, but your Stanley remote will NOT work with the Genie.
    The Genie Intellicode Gitr-3 should work with your opener.
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      TJR - Thanks a million times for all the help. You solved my problems.
      I was wrong, my keypad is not intellicode (its the wall control that is intellicode). My keypad matches exactly with the model KEP-1 that is on the link that you provided.
      I am thinking of upgrading to a wireless keypad with rolling codes... just thinking aloud.
      Once again, thanks. I was having a hard time pulling this info off the internet.


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        Great work men TJR...