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  • W Vista OS.....

    Cousin and her daughter have identical Acer computers. Cousin's got a virus and disc is corrupted. Can the OS from daughter's unit be loaded to a disc, then loaded to corrupted unit after formatting? I was told that the corrupted unit can be formatted, but the recovery disc is not the complete OS, so it can't reload what would be needed. Was also told a complete OS disc could be acquired from manufacturer for a small fee.

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    You can clone a disc with the OS for the machine you copied, but it won't work in another machine because of the Master Boot Record.If one machine has a Virus, it would be best to get a good Anti Virus program running on the other machine with the latest Signature files, then take the Viral disc out of the machine and hook it up to the machine with the Antivirus software with a USB 2.0 cable to serial ata (SATA) & ide cable. Then run the Antivirus on the infected drive. I would also run a scan with Malwarebytes as well. What Avast don't catch, Malwarebytes will.


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      Formatting the hard drive will get rid of the virus for sure, but it will also get rid of everything else on the drive.


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        Or... Windows 8

        You could also upgrade to Windows 8 at a discount and install that. It's really easy to do, you'd get a more modern operating system, and it would wipe the virus off if you do a complete install and possibly if you just do an upgrade. The cost will be about the same as getting a disk from the manufacturer, I believe. If you go to and type "buy windows 8" into the search box, it will come up. (I can't post links yet because I'm new here.)