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extremely slow connection....


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  • extremely slow connection....

    Contacted the IP (Frontier) tech support and the guy ran a speed check. It read .26 download and .11 upload speeds. I'd bet the old days of dial up was faster! Is there a way to check the connection speed myself? Some web site to go to? Repair should be coming out in about a week. They did send a guy out to check the connections Thursday and he found three boxes with issues. One of which was almost a mile away and appeared to have been mildly hit by lightening at some point. What he said. Also some broken wire in another box. All was well, connection-wise. But the speed is still very slow. At least twenty minutes just for Yahoo home page to load. Facebook won't come up for well over an hour. Surprised Home Repair is as fast as it is.
    It seems like a lot of the speed issue started around the time I acquired the latest version of Windows10. How can I go back to the previous edition? And, if I do, can I revert back to the new addition?
    I'll check for replies whenever this machine allows....

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    A few issues...

    After nine calls and five tech people we found there were broken wires in three of their road side boxes and more than a few modems would not stay connected. We think we may have happened on one that stays connected now. However....we also determined that my computer is running a sort of 'loop' for a Windows update. I am running Windows10 on an HP15. The reading is : Cumulative updates forW10 Version 1607 for x64-based systems KB3194496. It has now been at 49% for many days, maybe weeks. How do I stop this? do I finish it? Or.... any other suggestions?


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      That's a real bummer having speeds worse than dial up. The Frontier guys will have to fix all of their problems first, then you may get back to normal. Frontier just bought out Verizon Fios here in our area. They really suck. Worse than Verizon. (I didn't think it could get worse)
      To roll back to Win 7 follow these instructions: To roll back to your previous version of the OS, go to the Start menu and choose 'Settings', then 'Update & security'. Choose 'Recovery' in the left-hand panel and, on the right, find 'Go back to Windows 8.1' or 'Go back to Windows 7'. Click the 'Get started' button below that and follow instructions.

      I think you only have 30 days after installing ten to do the rollback.


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        Not exactly a comedy, but there were a few errors. The first was that Frontier had broken wires in three of their road side boxes. Second is that their modems are not very good. Third is my computer was trying to download some W10 updates. Apparently a large dose. All the while McAfee was running a deep scan. Once a good modem was installed and kept it's connection the download managed to finish. About the same time the deep scan finished and did a quarantine. The speed could be better, but until the fiber optic is completed in the next six months it is usable. Pleased to be relieved of that frustration!
        Thanks for your help and suggestions.....


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          Another tech guy came out and fiddled with the drop to the house. Seems like there was a slight break in the drop insulation inside the box. He tried to splice a pigtail to it and it cracked off three times. The copper is dried out for almost six inches. He finally found some 'real' copper and managed to tie onto that. Since the wire at the road side is compromised, and the same for the house end, he's ordering a new drop wire installed from road to house. I wonder if copper losing it's ions to corrosion would compromise internet speed/connection..... Does that affect electrical flow for ac and dc?


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            It's MUCH better now. Frontier connected us to fiber optic and....WOW what a difference!