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Mozilla issue?


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  • Mozilla issue?

    Running W98 on HP Pavilion. (Yes, it's from the last century.) Downloaded As suggested on this forum a looong time ago and all was well 'till a few days ago. A window started popping up each time I started the system claiming it needed to be updated as three days have passed. Each time I asked for the update. Now I am unable to get in to Mozilla at all. I get a window: The connection was refused when attempting to contact the proxy server you have configured. Please check your proxy settings and try again. [OK]. Further, Although I am able to get on the internet, the speed is extremely slow! Am using my wife's Dell with WXP (yes, THIS century!). How do I get back on to the i'net with better speed? What happened with Mozilla? Cannot get ANY homepage....

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    try uninstalling and reinstalling mozilla. Let us know how it goes...


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      Bob I sent you a private email. go read it and get back to me. hayzee


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        Mozilla issue.

        I can uninstall the Mozilla stuff, troy, but can't reinstall from the I'net. Although PeoplePC gets me logged on to that, neither Internet Explorer nor Mozilla comes up. It's to the point where there's only 400(+)b sent and not much different received. A call to them told me to reinstall Explorer to get back on the I'net then to do the Mozilla thing. Am upset that it went haywire for me, as it's been running so darned well since started using Mozilla. And, shame on me! I have not done a backup in a VERY long time! Was sure I did about 6 months ago but am wrong!
        Replied to your pm, Hayzee. Thanks.


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          Bob, first of all make backups on floppies or burn a cd for each program you will want later on. also make note of any registration numbers or codes for these programs as you'll need them when you re-install them. you can insert the first cd and when you start the machine it may read from the cd first, if it says you need the upgrade to the second edition you have both disks. the install cd will wipe your whole hard drive and start it as if it was a new machine. check your cmos to make sure that the cd is read first then the hard drive. other way is to get into programs, find the msdos c:\ prompt and type in FORMAT C:\ it will ask you if you want to do this because a hard drive format erases everything off the drive. then use the cd for a clean install.


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            W98 reinstall....

            Thanks, Hayzee. I'll probably end up doing that. Hate to, but will probably have to. As soon as I get the disc drive fixed on our Dell with XP on it, I want to get a copy of Mozilla for W98 from the I-net and try putting that on the HP. The HP (W98) works so well, except for the internet thing. I hate when stuff like this happens.
            Will also look into that MOS stuff you mentioned. Lots to learn....


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              Don't install Mozila Fire because it is not good for win98. It efect on computer ram. You should use Internet Explorer 7. It is good.


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                Originally posted by Lisa-Adam View Post
                Don't install Mozila Fire because it is not good for win98. It efect on computer ram. You should use Internet Explorer 7. It is good.
                I use it on my old 98 with no problems.
                Is it beer thirty??