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Disk boot failure....


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  • Disk boot failure....

    Temporarily used the cd drive from my HP to verify issue on wife's Dell. That is now resolved it it works well. Returned the cd drive to my HP and there's now a problem. It is an HP Pavilion 8699F.
    The message is:
    *Disk boot failure, insert system disk and enter.
    (Although the directions on the cd say to insert disk, shut off computer and restart).
    (Did this)
    *Boot from ATAPI cd-rom.....yadda-yadda-yadda...
    *Error-the hard disk was not found. Recovery was aborted. If you have a hard disk installed, the cables may be loose or the disk may not be initialized.
    *You may need to run the FDisk program to initialize the disk.
    *Use extreme caution with the FDisk!
    *FDisk will perform a low-level format on the disk and all data will be lost.

    I was under the impression I correctly reconnected the cables to the drives. (Might be wrong on this.) I did recheck their being snug in their sockets. The disk that's being spoken about by the that the 'c' drive or the the cd unit that I reinstalled? It's been apart for maybe a month or so.
    What might be the next step? How can I verify the 'correct' connections (seeing that 'somebody' did not tag where the wires went or take a pic as HayZee suggested).

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    Boot issue...

    Well THAT went well! Went back for a fourth look and found 'somebody' failed to connect the power cable to the 'c' drive. Good thing I was there to figure it out though.
    Now on to the original issue from months ago about Mozzilla not working!


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      Glad you got it worked out. A large percentage of the time it's either an improperly seated cable or a disk left in the floppy drive...