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  • HRF lockup...

    About 30% of the time when opening the HRF the system locks up. No cursor, no keyboard. Manual shutdown is the only way. After the second try, all is okay. This only happens when lighting up the Home Repair Forum. Any thoughts?

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    bob, I did a search on my windows xp registry and the search didn't find anything related to home repair forum so the web doesn't write to the registry. I did find it in the Prefetch of windows, however. I believe windows writes to RAM with the prefetch data so the page loads quicker.
    I have dialup with a modem. My connect speed can range anywhere from 31.2 to 50.6kb/sec. If there is anything else running say in a d/l, then the speed and web scan/refresh rate also slows down. Virtual memory is also affected by the web. With all the odd weather down south I can see the web service that Troy has is also slowed down.


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      We haven't had any indication of problems on this end. HayZee, we're in a data center in NJ, so the storms haven't affected us. Locking up the computer would be a client side error. MrCaptainBob, is there a particular page that always locks up your computer? HRF doesn't use any popups or anything, shouldn't be anything weird loading. Try disabling javascript for a minute and see if the problem goes away. Let me know...