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Replacing burner element on a glass cooktop GE PP7036DJ1BB


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  • Replacing burner element on a glass cooktop GE PP7036DJ1BB

    The hardest part of the job here is removing the glass top from the main body. It is glued with a foam tape and its a real pita to remove it. I used a putty knife carefully going around the glass. I have a feeling that the designer of this cooktop is preventing anybody from taking the glass top off. After a couple of hours it still wouldn't budge. I found out that the glue is also smeared at the center of the glass. So I used a kitchen knife to reach that spot. After another hour or so, the glass top came off. What a pita.

    The cooktop I got is the kind that is not attached to a range or oven. It is by itself laying on top of the countertop and there is a cabinet below. This is not the same as most of the repair video I saw on Utube.I realized that the glass cooktop does not have to be removed to get to the burners! Lift the entire assembly and lay it on a couple of 2 x 4 studs. Remove the screws holding the assembly to the main tray. Lift the glass assembly and again support it with a couple of studs. Then disconnect the front connector attaching the control wire to the front of the frame. After doing that the whole assembly can be flip over including the glass top. remove the thin metal cover and the white foam insulator. Now you got access to the burners.

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    This is so helpful, thanks! Welcome to the forum!