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Question about Live Edge River Tables


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  • Question about Live Edge River Tables

    Hey everyone,

    I'm considering investing in a live edge river table for my home, but I have a few questions before making a decision. Firstly, I'm curious about the durability of these tables over time. Do they require special maintenance to preserve their appearance and structural integrity? Additionally, I'm wondering about the process of customizing these tables to fit specific dimensions or design preferences. Are there limitations to what can be achieved in terms of size, shape, or materials used? Any insights or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated as I navigate this decision. Thanks in advance!

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    Live edge river tables are generally durable with proper maintenance, requiring occasional sealing to preserve their appearance and structural integrity. Many artisans offer customization options for dimensions and design preferences, although there may be limitations depending on the complexity and materials used. It's advisable to communicate your needs clearly with the manufacturer or artisan.