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  • 220 wiring

    I need to run a 220 outlet for my dryer, I am wondering how this hooks up at the breaker box. Can some one help me

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    If in America and not in an old house, you should have 2 incoming phases of 110 volts. If you look in the circuit breaker box behind the cover panel, you will see a row of breakers connected to one side and a row connected to the other side.

    The dryer uses a line from both of the hot lines. You need to get the correct type of 220V circuit breaker and it will make more sense to you.

    Ultimately what you will have is a neutral (or common / return) wire (white from the breaker box), and a hot wire from each of the sides of the breaker feeds (normal convention is one is black and the other is red), and finally a ground wire (green or bare).

    What you will get is 220 volts across the 2 hot lines and 110 volts from either hot line and the neutral or ground.

    Go to your hardware store and check with them and they will help set you up. If you aren't sure of what you are doing, then perhaps you should contract an electrician or a smart friend to help you.