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Dimmer switches conundrum


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  • Dimmer switches conundrum

    Hi! I have an issue... and I've been looking and looking but haven't found anything like this reported anywhere. Here's the issue:

    Just got in my brand new condo and the wife wants dimmer switches in the bedroom and dining room.

    Went to Home Depot, got 2 dimmers (Lutron CFL dimmer) and 2 CFL dimmable (20w = 75w) lightbulbs.

    Plugged in the one in the dining room. So far so good.

    Then got in the bedroom. The light flickers on/off when I try to dim, and it dims, but flickers (ie. it stays on at 100%, then flickers from 80% down, but the intensity of the light, when it's on, is dimmed!)

    For that specific situation, under "troubleshooting" in the manual it says to find the +/- wattage switch on the dimmer and play with that. Doesn't fix the problem.

    But here's where it gets amusing: when the dimmer in the dining room is on, the one in the bedroom wont even turn on!

    They're all on the same breaker in my switchbox. It's a 15 amp breaker. The lightswitches are 3-way.

    I tried to troubleshoot. Here's what I did:
    - Tried 9 different wirings. No change.
    - Switched the 2 dimmers (bedroom->dining room and vice-versa). No change.
    - Turned down the +/- wattage switch on the working dimmer and turned it up on the non-working dimmer. No change.
    - Played with the lights that are on the same breaker. It doesn't affect the dining room dimmer, but it affects the bedroom one.

    I'm all out of solutions. Please help.