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Power off and then on in garage


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  • Power off and then on in garage

    The power went off in my garage. It affected the light on the ceiling and the garage door opener. The light I'm talking about is not the one on the opener. I checked the breakers and nothing seemed to be tripped. When I went back into the garage I absent-mindedly switched the light back on and it came on. I checked the garage door opener and it was working. Any idea what this might be? Thanks!

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    Maybe a loose connection somewhere. I had an outlet in one of my bathrooms that would work sometimes and other times it wouldn't, ended up being a poor connection.


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      It just happened again in a different part of the house. Maybe on the same circuit? Is this dangerous?


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        Once your service is installed in your house and everything is made "live" you hardly EVER see a home owner"excersize" the breakers every so often just to make sure they work. Inside the circuit breaker(s) there is a spring that over time weakens. You could do yourself a favor and cycle the breakers every 6 months. That way if they need to trip, they will.