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My daughter is freezing in Alaska


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  • My daughter is freezing in Alaska

    My daughter is pregnant and stuck in her house and her Monitor 2400 heater which was being run on #2 diesel, because that's all that's available there, stopped working. Just prior to failing she said the fan was starting to fail and she smelt diesel exhaust fumes in the house. In the users manual it says to only use kerosene but is it okay to use #2 diesel? Please advise.

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    Monitor recommends ONLY K1. We have a sub forum for Monitor heaters in the HVAC section. There are others there that can be of more help that me. I have a Monitor that's 21 years old, always been run on K1 and has only needed the burn chamber rebuilt once since new. I think Hawkins111 in the Monitor forum is a dealer, he can probably give you an idea what kind of damage has been done using the #2 diesel and how to remedy it.


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      Hawkins111 lives in Bethel in Alaska. I'm sure he can help you.