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grounding outlets


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  • grounding outlets

    I have outlets that aren't grounded (only 2 prong) and I'm plugging in appliances that have 3 prongs. I have adaptors but am not sure of the easiest way to ground them. Could someone help with how to ground the adaptors? thanks.

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    You can't ground the adaptors. You'll need to see if you can change the 2 prong receptacles to 3 prong receptacles. To do this you will need a voltage tester. Take a reading from the hot (black) wire to the metal box. If you get a reading of 120 volts or a light using a neon bulb tester, then that indicates the box is grounded.

    If the box is grounded then you can install a self-grounding 3 prong receptacle. If the box is not grounded then you can install a GFCI receptacle to replace the 2 prong. This will allow you to plug in a 3 prong plug, but you will still not have a ground. Those are your only choices.

    Here's a link that'll detail all of this for you.