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Spa wiring with uf-b


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  • Spa wiring with uf-b

    Can 6/3 uf-b cable be ran in pvc conduit? I had bought the cable to run power to a spa, but I have found that power to a spa needs to be in a conduit. Is this correct? My plan is to run the wiring from the main panel (with gfi) to the disconnect, and then on to the tub, leaving the actual connections to an electrician.

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    Type UF is direct burial cable. It is only meant to be run in conduit to protect it against mechanical damage where it exits the ground at both points (at the house) and (at the tub) Take into consideration the total length of the cable, times 2, to figure out voltage drop, which is no more than 3% per 100 feet. #6 safely passes 65 amps, but because of your distance, might have to be increased depending on your total load at the spa.


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      You CANNOT use UF cable to bring power to an outdoor spa. Any wiring outside of the home MUST be THHN/THWN wires installed in either PVC or Rigid conduit. The ground wire for the spa is REQUIRED to be insulated and it's not in UF cable.

      Please get a copy of your local requirements for wiring a spa and obtain a permit. This is one of those times when it's even more important since water is involved and lives are at stake if done incorrectly.