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How to wire a Receptacle off of another one


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  • How to wire a Receptacle off of another one

    I was wandering how you run wire from one receptacle to make another one on the other side of the wall. As far as how the wire has to be connected from the one receptacle to goto the new one. I would appreciate any advice....Thanks

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    Is the current receptacle that you want to extend from grounded?


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      what you do is locate where you want the receptacle. you don't want to be right behind the other one so choose a spot to the right or left of the existing one at about the same level. Buy an PLASTIC OLD WORK BOX, a RECEPTACLE, a COVER PLATE and some 12/2 or 14/2 romex.
      Shut off the breaker that feeds the outlet. Remove the plate and unscrew the outlet, leave the wires connected for now. On the OPPOSITE WALL cut out an opening that the new box will fit into. Look into the wall with a flashlight - you should be able to see the other box. Now pry out one of the knockouts on that box. Strip off about 8 inches of cable jacket and insert that end into the old outlet box. Strip off 8 inches off the other end and stick this into the new box. Now fold the wire into the wall space and push the box into the hole. Now tighten the two screws on the plastic wallcase. This will turn the two mounting ears so that the box will be fastened to the sheetrock. Strip off about 3/4 inch of insulation and form the end into a hook. Now place this hook onto a screw so that as you tighten it, it will tend to close the hook (clockwise rotation) Black goes on the brass, white on the nickel and ground on the green screw. Fold the wires into the box and affix with the 6-32 screws on the outlet. Place the coverplate on it. Go to the other box. Remove the wires off the outlet. Straighten out the hook. Cut 8 inches of wire without the jacket. Strip off about an inch of insulation from one end. Take the existing wire, BLACK, and the black from the other outlet and the pigtail you just made, twist the ends together and place a wirenut on it. Do the same with the white and the ground. OK, now strip off 3/4 insulation off the other ends and form a loop again and place this on the screws on the outlet just like the other box - black to brass, qhite to nickel and ground to the green screw. Now fold these wires into the box and fasten the outlet with the 6-32 screws and place the coverplate back on. Go turn on your breaker and test the other outlet.