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Circuit breaker issue....


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  • Circuit breaker issue....

    The electronics in the living room started blinking, along with three of her aquariums and a floor lamp. Nothing else in the house went on the blink. It lasted a short period and then did it again five or so times. Happened about two weeks ago the same way. Swapped out that circuit breaker. It's a 20A Square D. The electronics is a tv, surround sound, dvd unit and the aquariums each have an air pump and a led lamp above. Hardly near 10 amps, much less 20. I have heard of circuit breakers going bad. was told a very long time ago to occasionally 'exercise' them by switching on/off. Don't know about that, but I did swap that breaker with a new one. Time will tell. Never had this happen before. Anybody ever have this happen?