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How to paint my brick fireplace?


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  • How to paint my brick fireplace?

    I hate my brick fireplace and am trying to decide if I can paint it (not one solid color) to look like a different kind of brick. Kind of like the Brick-anew website offers but I'd like more options for colors. I have seen a lot of threads that say how to do it but my problem is that I have no idea what colors to use! Does anyone have pictures thay could show me and tell me what colors they used?? I'm not very creative so I'm more of a copycat!

    Any help is appreciated!!

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    to really help suggest a treatment more info is needed about the room, like what colors are currently used in the room, what type of wood is there, if any?

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      The walls are pretty neutral... I think the color was Benjamin Moore "Latte".
      There is an entertainment center next to the fireplace with a medium wood finish (called spice?). The couches are burgundy/green but I will be replacing them eventually. The rug is tan with speckled mocha in it. Does that help?


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        You have to be careful when painting brick if it's not done right the first time you can have more mess in the long run with chipping and peeling. I have heard of distressing brick eofre hand to make the painting process last. Has anyone else tried this method. I have only seen it done outsitde the home like in a garden settting though.


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          you might have better luck with a brick stain. I haven't personally tried this project, but I do know that brick stains are specifically formulated to color brick....


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            Help my House!

            Hi, Here is a picture of some bricks I painted. I colored them in grays. I took 3 shades of grey, a light, medium, and darker. Then I just simply painted the bricks picking up the colors alternately. I did not try to do it in any particular pattern. I was going for the look of slate. In this house there was a section of slate floor in the middle of the room I was trying to match. I did this on a special faux brick material I put on the fireplace first to make it feel like rough stone, so I can't give you any advice on special techniques for painting bricks. But I think greys are at least a natural color of stone and should go good with the neutral tones you have in your home. I just used old brushes because of the roughness of the bricks. Keep in mind covering the grout lines so they stay one color. Jan Distinctive Scenes