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painting a fiberglass entry door


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  • painting a fiberglass entry door

    I am having a fiberglass entry door installed, Thura True and they tell me it is ready to paint, it is white, it must have an undercoat on it from the factory, my ? is does it have to be painted and is it difficult to do? I would have trouble trimming around the hardware, hinges, locks, ect. thanks for any ideas


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    use a screwdriver and remove all the hardware before you paint. as an alternative to removing all the stuff get some blue painter's masking tape and apply the tape to all the brass stuff. if your finish is latex try to find an additive called flo-trol. this latex based compound will make your latex flow as if it were oil based. if you have access to a spray gun use it. the fnish will not have any brush marks with a spray gun.


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      You might even try some car paint

      Auto paint is way better than house paint, even the cheap synthetic and Acrylic Enamels. Only around 30 / gallon depending on color. Fiberglass panels or plastic ones whatever are way better than metal ones and keep their color ext way better for some reason. Don't let anyone tell you that you have to spray it either. A fine brush works just fine. They do make an elasticizer that can be added so its more flexible for bumbers ect which might be better for your application. Any auto paint seller like NAPA can advise you.


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        auto paint. would not be my choice. It takes a pro to get a good finish with auto finish put you have to clear coat it and you are looking at $$$$

        I would not advise putting anything into a gallon of paint. Paint companies do not warranty their product when you add anything.

        100% acrylic latex paint would work great. Paint it as soon as possible with a high quality brush.

        just this guys 2cents