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Repainting an oak dining chair


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  • Repainting an oak dining chair


    I hope this is the correct forum to post my question in!

    My husband and I are considering purchasing an oak dining table and chairs from a local consignment shop. We want to update the look a bit, and rather than buying all new chairs we were thinking we could just repaint the ones that are with it. The entire set is a honey-colored oak. Is there any possibility we can do this without having to sand and remove the laquer?? Can we use a good spray paint (is there such a thing?)...

    Suggestions and ideas would be so helpful before we decide if we want to undertake this task. :-)


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    depends what sort of "look" you want. If you don't want to remove the existing finish, then use 00 steel wool to scuff up the old finish to provide teeth for the new finish to hang on to. who would "ever" paint over oak with a pigmented paint. natural wood is beautiful.


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      Its pretty easy to paint furniture. You really need to sand it down a little bit and prime it. You do not need to take the entire finish off but like the above post it needs to be scuffed up. I repeat that you need to prime the furniture, this is key for a paint job to hold up for a while. Be ready to have a mess on your hands when painting furniture.
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