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flooring under kitchen sink


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  • flooring under kitchen sink

    we are replaceing the the tile in the kitchen and when pulled out the dishwasher we found that the floor is rotten and needs to be replaced. how do you do this

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    was the dishwasher fastened to the floor in any way? or was it just resting there!
    normally a dishwasher is fastened to the underside of your counter top by two tabs.
    normal footprint for a dishwasher is 24 inches square.
    if the floor is rotten, then that flooring needs to be removed right down to the joists underneath.
    Use a skil-saw and set the depth to just nick the joists. Now cut out the rotten floor, leaving about an inch all the way around and remove the flooring sheathing.
    Inspect the joist for dry rot or if there is any "punky" wood. If there is deterioration, the joist needs to be sistered up with a piece of joist material the same width. Use carriage bolts and steel plates to shore up the joists.
    Now cut a piece of pressure treated plywood to fit your opening and use an industrial adhesive and stainless screws to fasten the plywood to the joists and sistered joists [if you had to do this]
    you now have a sturdy base for the dishwasher. if you are putting tile in under the dishwasher, make sure the dishwasher will fit vertically - there may be leveling screws in each of the four corners.


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      It is one of the main problem which many of us are facing, I don't know the exact process how to do it as I got it changed while renovating my kitchen only. One thing that my contractor that we should clean it twice a month with a best floor cleaner as it will help to maintain the sheen of the tiles.