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Sloping or sagging floors


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  • Sloping or sagging floors

    I have recently purchased a home about 65-70 years of age and am doing renevations whenever possible. I recently renovated my newborn sons room and noticed sloping accured in that particular room by about 1/8"- atleast 1/2". I used a cement compound to level that area out and it worked great. Now my main concern is i am now renovating my hallway which has nice oak hardwood floors that were covered up by carpet. I noticed that in the kitchen and hallway there is a very noticable slope in the floor that is pretty much in the middle of the house. I am not pulling up the floor in the kitchen anytime soon so i am wondering if floor jacks will help out this situation as it seems to only be in this one particular area. Keep in mind that this was a one floor house that was converted into a two story.

    Are floor jacks my best bet right now to help resolve the situation?

    Also, i have been told that i should only jack the floor up about a 1/4" once a week to prevent any stress cracks or further damage until the floor is leveled out.

    Thank you in advance to those who can help

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    Floor jacks may help but consider it took a long time for the floor to sag in the first place. The wood used in construction has dried out over the years and is sort of fixed itself into position. Maybe it has knots in it which have fallen out or the outside has shifted putting stress on the joists and it buckled downwards. Later on if you want to tackle it - I'd put in sister joists with the camber upwards so that when it settles it will stay reasonably flat. Bolt them in place with carriage bolts because nails might bend under the stress.