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  • Baseboards and Doors

    We just finished installing our new laminate floor, and going to put on new baseboards and door casings, the problem- do i paint or stain them? If I paint them, do i have to paint all doors and closets (they are wood) as well? If i stain them, i won't be able to match doors and closets, the stain would be darker. Is painting baseboards, etc durable when you have kids and a dog? Thanks.

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    Staining them would be the first that I would consider. You can paint over stain, but it's much harder to stain over paint! The stain doesn't have to be an exact match as the doors. Something with a darker tone would probably look great, as it would tend to 'frame' the entryways and windows. The kids and pets won't be any harder on the trim than they will be on the doors and walls. The worst they accomplish is being hard on what their feet touch!


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      Get some stain samples from your paint jobber - mini-wax makes the stain. the stain will dry one shade lighter than when it goes down. You apply it with a brush or a rag, then wipe it down with another rag