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Repairing hardwood high traffic areas


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  • Repairing hardwood high traffic areas

    Nearly our entire house has 8-year old natural oak tongue and groove flooring. While 90% of of it looks nearly new, there are a couple of high traffic areas that are worn all the way through the polyurethane finish.

    Is there any way to refinish these areas without having to remove the finish on the entire floor? The house is very open and there is no point to make a cutoff line that would not be readily visible. I had to repair a small hole in the floor in one room and because of the age, the repaired area is much lighter than the old finish, so I'm hesitant to attempt a large repair in a very visible area.


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    Repairing hardwood high traffic areas

    Gary, did you ever get any responses to your question? I have the same question. Crotchety old dog urinated on the throw rug and it didn't show until we caught the odor two days later. Lifted the carpet and the floor is black. I'd love to fix just that 2 square foot area.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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      Not a single response. I think I'm going to try repairing the area in the kitchen and if it doesn't look decent, I'll replace the wood with tile. I'm tired of fooling around with the hardwood in the kitchen anyway.