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  • I-beam support posts

    I am finishing by basement and noticed one of my support posts was coming out of the concrete floor at a terrible angle. I checked it with a level and sure enough it was way out of plum. This support post is one of two helping an I-beam that runs the entire length of my two story home.

    I decided I would fix this before it gets covered up by my remodeling. I can't imagine that an angled post is giving the best support to the I-beam. I broke out the concrete around the post and found a small plate (or lip you might say) on the bottom of the post and a large threaded bar leading out of the bottom.

    What am I looking at here? I was able to angle the post out from under the I-beam (must not be doing much) and tried to turn it to see if it would go up and down on this threaded bar. Nothing. I placed the post back in place. My question is am I going to be able to move this post over or not? Is it perhaps sunk into the footer even deeper than what I am seeing? or is it setting on top of a footer? What is the norm? Where can I see pictures of different styles of support posts so I can get a better idea of what is farther below and not visible to me at this time? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Evidently this post was installed on a piece of concrete block and the block shifted. As long as you have the concrete chopped out - consider digging deeper and make a proper 16X16X8 footing. When this is cured buy an adjustable "lally column." This will have a threaded portion that goes upward and supports a 3/8" steel plate which goes against your beam. This type of column you can actually jack up a part of your house! Just snug it up intil it's snug against the I Beam.


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      While you say the post is "not doing much" I'd be careful not to leave that I beam unsupported for too long. Generally speaking builders don't add things that are not needed.
      If it were me I'd do what HayZee518 suggested except I'd get that support post now and at least have it firmed up between your floor and the I beam above add a piece of 2 x 6 or similar as the base just to help spread the load on the concrete floor(if any). If the floor above is tiled for example you might find small cracks develop if it is left to long, just with day to day use.
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