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Sound proof material on Tile


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  • Sound proof material on Tile

    I live in an upstairs condominium complex and would like to replace the entry way flooring from carpet to tile. The condominium association approved the change provided I install the tiles over a "board" to reduce foot noise. What can I use to sound proof the area? If there is such a material, how do I install it. The carpet is currently over concrete. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum! I have been thinking about your question since you posted it.

    I see a couple problems to consider...

    1) Anything you add to the floor is going to raise it so your door, which is most likely swinging in, will have to be adjusted/trimmed.

    2) Whatever you add has to be solid (like cement board) so that there is no flex or give to it which would cause your tile to crack. It would have to be attached using a proper adhesive (once this is down I can't see it giving much additional sound proofing value).

    3) Laying the tile directly over the concrete would be the easiest / quickest/ cheapest/ thinest (is that a word?) option.

    Hope this helps, Jim

    'Just a handyman trying to help'
    'Just a handyman trying to help'