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Moisture Proofing Laminate Floors


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  • Moisture Proofing Laminate Floors

    It is my first post, have been lurking now and again, we have just purchased 1600 sq. ft of Toklo 8mm laminate, I have 3 rambunctious step children and 2 dogs, I leave for work at 6:00am and the dogs are sleeping, I cant trust the family members to let the dogs outside for "their business", as they are running late as it is (normally). I worry about pet "accidents" being left all day, witch is the reason for replacing all of the old carpeting in the first place, while looking at EGGER floor products glue free laminates site I saw they had a product for bathrooms/kitchens called "strip EX sealing glue" that is applied to the tongue on long &short side of board, has anyone heard of this or any other product to apply to joints? anyone used it?