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Southern Yellow Pine gaps


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  • Southern Yellow Pine gaps

    We bought our house three years ago. The prior owner remodeled it (old Homestead) and layed down Southern Yellow Pine, Wide Planked flooring. When we first moved in the planks were nice and tight. Since we have lived there, they have really spread apart, in some places I can actually see the entire tongue. I am assuming that the floor has spread due to us heating the house now with a woodstove. (IT was jsut used in the summer months befire and was unheated). The floor was finished with a polyurethane. I would expect that in another year or so I may refinish the floor and at the same time apply some kind of wood filler in the cracks. Would this be something that I should do? At the moment, the floor is still looks nice and really does not need to be refinsihed,. Can I fill the cracks without refinishing the entire floor?? Anyone recomend any particular product?

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    you can see how much the flooring has expanded in cooler temperatures. by filling in the gaps you'll be compromising the expansion of the boards and sooner or later something is going to pop [upward] and create more problems for you. if it were possible to control the humidity year round I'd say go ahead with [minor] filling in but in ny this is nearly impossible. I'm upstate near the canadian border and have seen MY gaps vary by as much as a half inch in places and in the summer they're very tight!


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      yeah I hear you. They do shrink alittle but not all the way. I would say 90% are open less than 1/4", but we do have some that are more. Our floors are not level either and actually have a bow in the kitchen. Like I said, its an old homestead remodeled