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Installing new stair skirts on old stairs


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  • Installing new stair skirts on old stairs

    I'm in the starting phase of replacing my flooring in the public areas of my house. We've decided on doing vinyl tile (professionally installed) on the stairs and landing in our split level house. Unfortunately, the previous tenants of this house had pitbull puppies that tore everything up from the knees down, including the stair skirts (mahogany). They are unrecoverable and need to be replaced. I've got the portion going to the upper part of the house removed, but I've seen some problems with the way things were done. I'm not a pro, so am unsure how to proceed. I like the look of the skirts and would like to replace what was there, but I'm unsure how the stairs and skirt should be properly installed/built. Can anyone help with this issue?

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    I guess my question would be is - how are the original stair stringers constructed? Are they 2X12 standard framing with a fascia piece attached or are the stringers custom made having the steps and risers rabbetted into the sides of the stringers? a thought came to mind as I was trying to visualize your dilemma. what about buying an oak veneer and gluing it in place on top of your existing stringer. that way you won't need to remove it, and will retian the oak look. just apply it with contact cement just like a formica laminate.


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      The stairs that I truly have to replace were constructed with the tread/riser between the skirts. The riser was nailed to the back of the tread and the tread was a 2x12 ripped to 10 inches (apparently to compensate for the riser behind it and leave no overhang). There were no rabbit joints at all. There are three stringers and at the base of the wall on both sides is a carriage stringer level with the bottom of the stringer that housed the previous stair skirt.
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