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wide plank floors


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  • wide plank floors

    Hello this is my first post and first home, so bare with me. We jst purchased a home of approx 175 - 200 years old. It required some work that we are prepared to pick at. One of our first interior jobs was to remove old carpet from the hallways and bathroom. why someone would put carpet in a bathroom is beyond me? but after removing the carpet and underlay we discoverd 12 to 14 inch floor boards, im not sure if they are pine or hemlock? any ideas how to tell. Most of the boards are in good shape but some, like in the doorways, have been worn almost through. I was wondering if there were any ideas on how to match wood. Also the boards must have shrunk over time, as there is often up to a 1/2 inch gap between them. I dont really mind the gap but how to stop the dirt from getting in there. I was also curious about a finish for the floor, espeacially in the bathroom.
    I also discovered in the attic a large quantity of unused wide planks. Would it be okay to use them, or would the transition from attic to living areas warp the wood?
    Thanks and looking forward to any information

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    well your original post was ages ago, but I just thought I'd respond anyway...

    My thought is, if they are the same wood, I would go for it. You may want to take the planks out of storage, and store them in the environment they will live in for a while... that way, they'd have a chance to acclimate themselves to their new surroundings...

    Not a professional opinion, of course, but that's what I think.


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      Most wide planks were hemlock with maybe some chestnut mixed in. Next choice would be yellow pine. With the boards in the attic there's lack of moisture so putting them where it'll be used would re-establish the moisture content.
      Wood does expand and contract with the weather. More-so in a humid environment so I would gap them maybe a quarter inch between boards or they'll warp and cup if in too tight. Maybe a resilient silicone sealant/ filler might work tainted the color of the stain.


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        Not to take away from Home Repair Forum, but....there's a neat Group for old homes:
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        A lot of info for old homes there...