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Different ? about cement floor...


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  • Different ? about cement floor...

    A friend has a 12 x 36 cement floor area that's not a basement, but is below grade. He'd like to cover it with something but wants to seal it from any moisture migration. Would the garage system epoxy's work for this? Unfortunately it was painted some years back, but does have bare spots from use. Should that be ground off first? Could that epoxy be laid right over the whole thing and be a bonded moisture barrier?

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    When you say cover it with something, does that mean epoxy paint "then" another covering like carpet, or is the epoxy paint the final "covering"
    I ask this because I've seen people seal concrete with sealers before laying carpet thinking that it "had" to be sealed.
    If he is wanting a finish like the garage epoxy, then the entire floor area needs to be acid washed with all loose material removed, then you can apply the epoxy.
    To remove the paint which would be the best option) I've seen them use floor sanders with a fine grade paper, the epoxy paint more than covers any scratches and in most cases the scratches make the bond better.
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      Floor epoxy....

      You got it, Pushkins. Cover it with a vapor barrier epoxy so he can carpet it with less fear of moisture wicking through.... If he uses a plastic film or other membrane that is not in intimate contact, the fear is that there will be condensation leading to mold/mildew and other bad issues.


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        Completely agree with pushkins he got it right I guess..