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Is it OK to put ceramic over vinyl glued to cement?


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  • Is it OK to put ceramic over vinyl glued to cement?

    I've had a floating floor over home's original vinyl, glued to new cement slab. Which seems tightly secure after 20 years. Is it going to be risky to do ceramic directly onto the vinyl?
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    In my opinion, I don't recommend installing ceramic tile directly over vinyl flooring, even if it is glued to cement and seems secure. The vinyl may not provide the stable, rigid base needed for the ceramic tiles, leading to potential issues with adhesion and stability over time. It's better to remove the old vinyl before installing the ceramic tiles. Still, if you are not ready to remove it, alternatively you can install a cement backer board over it to provide a solid, stable base.


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      While it's possible to install ceramic tile over vinyl flooring in some cases, it's generally not recommended to do so directly, especially when the vinyl is glued to concrete. Here are some considerations:
      • Adhesion issues: Ceramic tile adhesive may not bond well to the vinyl surface, leading to loose tiles over time.
      • Subfloor stability: The vinyl may not provide a stable enough base for the ceramic tiles, potentially causing cracking or unevenness.
      • Height concerns: Adding ceramic tile over existing vinyl will raise your floor height, which could cause issues with doors, baseboards, and transitions to other rooms.
      • Moisture concerns: Moisture can get trapped between the layers, leading to mold or adhesive failure.
      • Warranty: Many tile manufacturers void warranties if their products are installed over vinyl.

      If you're set on installing ceramic tile, here are some safer approaches:
      • Remove the vinyl: The best practice is to remove the vinyl flooring and install the ceramic directly on the concrete slab.
      • Use an uncoupling membrane: If removal isn't feasible, consider using an uncoupling membrane (like Schluter-DITRA) over the vinyl before installing the tile. This can help with adhesion and reduce the risk of cracking.
      • Consult a professional: A flooring expert can assess your specific situation and recommend the best course of action.
      • Check local building codes: Some areas may have specific requirements for flooring installations.