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Seawall repair


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  • Seawall repair

    [B]Considering repairing my seawall myself. Have a source for materials and
    have info on installation of panels. need help with info on forming concrete
    seawall cap. Anybody got some ideas?


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    Is your seawall driven into bedrock or just sitting on the shore bank? there's a company in naples fl that specializes in vinyl seawalls using a double interlocking joint. the wall is about a six inch thick rectangular form that interlocks with its adjacent partner. corner piles also interlock with the adjacent form. anyway use 1/4" steel bar stock and weld up a shelf with a metal gusset to hold the bottom of the cap form. your form uses 3/4 or 1" marine plywood and metal "U" brackets to keep the upper part of the form from opening up when pouring. don't be stingy on using rebar to strengthen the pour. use adequate bracing on the forming angles to your panels.


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      seawall cap

      [B]Thanks, but the panels I will be using are in a corrugated form. I really need to know if I have to make a form to fit these panels or is there some trick or secret to forming the boards to encompass the top of the new wall and the panels together in one pour.