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Shed Plans for Permit?


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  • Shed Plans for Permit?

    I'm in need of a shed to store my lawn/garden equipment so I'm planning on building one.

    When I called the county, they told me for a purchased shed, I would need 2 brochures, but for one I would build, I would need to produce plans that meet residential building codes as if I were building a home.

    Not knowing, what exactly needs to be on a plan, I spoke with a few friends that had worked in construction and also visited the local shed builder and came up with these plans.

    So the question is.. Would this be good enough, or do I need more?

    I know my plans show way more then a shed builders brochure does, other then a colored picture of a finished shed, but I'd like to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before heading to the permit office.

    Thanks all!!

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    Joe, I took a look at the plans and these with some modifications would be fine if you plan to build them in the same design as pictured.
    The building inspector wants to know what the demensions of lumber you are planing to use on the building, such as, framed with 2X6 floor joists 16 inches on center, with plywood or board sheathing - 2X4 on walls 16 inches on center - Roof 2X8 roof rafters 16 on center.
    Also they will want to know how you plan to support the building...
    poured cement in sona tubes at corners or more...cement blocks just on top of soil...wood posts ?????
    they will want to know all demnsions and products used for sheathings.
    Take these plans in no mater how crude and the building inspector, if he will look over them and either OK them as drawn or make the changes that are required and give you your permit.
    He then will come and inspect your project to see if it is built as drawn.


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      I don't know where you live, but in my area the Mennonites (Amish) deliver fully-built buildings right to your site. I think they'll deliver nationally, or there's probably someplace local to you. I bought a 28' x 12' shed with a metal roof for under $3K including delivery. Top-notch quality and I couldn't build it myself that cheap.


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        I would again check with the building department. I live in New York where there are the Amish. They have built houses and barns on THEIR properties but don't follow or are exempt from local building codes. The has been court cases AGAINST them because of religious beliefs (theirs) and local and state building code violations. I went by a homestead of theirs the other day and saw a dug pit toilet. (state violation of sanity codes)


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          Good idea to check for codes. I don't think that's specific to Amish construction. There are LOTS of Amish near my parents house and they are some amazing craftsman. I've never seen a hole for a toilet, but I can imagine that in Appalachia! LOL But if you check this website, it is a very professional company. 2x6 16"OC, etc. Top notch.


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            Wonder if he ever got his shed built, it was after all 2008 in the original post.
            Little about a lot and a lot about a little.
            Every day is a learning day.


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              Oh geez, my eyesight must be shot! Maybe I need to go to an optometrist website!


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                LOL! maybe he is still looking for plans!