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Replacing a Porch Column


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  • Replacing a Porch Column

    I need to replace a porch column. The small overhang/roof of our front porch is supported by one column in the corner. Currently, what is there is a steel "jacking post" which was used to relevel things after a sinkhole problem.

    I am going to use a decorative 4x4 wooden column. I plan to place the wooden column on an aluminum plinth plate, so the post does not sit directly on the concrete. I have two questions:

    1- with what should I seal the ends of the wooden post after trimming to length?

    2- I plan on fastening the aluminum plinth plate to the bottom of the post with exterior screws. Is it OK for the plate to just sit on the concrete or is there some need/way to fasten the plate to the concrete?

    Anything else I am missing?


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    The post anchor can sit on concrete, but its good to give the concrete a sloped grade so water can drain away. Also if you wanted you could go with a steel column instead of a wood post.