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Drywall too short?!


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  • Drywall too short?!

    The walls in the new addition are just over 8' tall, as in a little over 1" taller. This means that when you put the sheets of drywall on the floor, they leave a gap at the top and if you put them flush to the ceiling, the gap is at the floor AND they don't hit the bottom plate of the wall, thus I cannot screw the edge to the wall between studs. My plan is to cut 2x material to fit in between the the studs as a nailer. Is this how this is commonly resolved? I know that the bottom gap will be covered by trim boards so I'm not worried about that.

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    6 of one and half of the other - yes, put nailers at the bottom. just put another 2x4 between the studs. the stud(s) wood is 1 5/8" thick.


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      you'd still need a solid wall.with the "rock" snug to the ceiling would leave a 1 inch gap at the bottom. fill in the gap with sheetrock and tape the joint. that way a baseboard won't wobble when you nail it.


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        The OP has probably finished the project now but for what it is worth you should never leave any gap between the wall and ceiling drywall, it should be snug, taped and mudded. Not only is it for cosmetic reasons it is also for fire blocking and draft protection.
        Always push the drywall up tight to the ceiling and fill any gaps at the bottom with a thin strip of drywall or 1/2" thick wood lathe running horizontal. Unless the drywall is well up from the base plate there is no need to add blocking between the studs.
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