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Install recessed light in a hole that's too big


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  • Install recessed light in a hole that's too big

    We have about a dozen recessed lights in the ceiling of our living room. I'd like to replace them all will LEDs.

    The cans in the ceiling that contain the lights are nominally 4" diameter, but there is no standardization in the size of recessed lights, and the current cans are bigger than usual. I've tried four or five different models that are also 4", but they're all a 1/4" to a 1/2" too small for the holes in the ceiling drywall. They don't fit snug, they fall down, and the trim/cover doesn't completely cover the hole.

    One options is to completely replace the ceiling drywall, but that's overkill.

    What else can I do? How do I make a hole in drywall *smaller*?

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    Buy recessed light LED replacement bulbs that are made specifically for what your trying to do, you will remove the existing light bulb screw in the Edison end of the new bulb then the whole unit slides into the recessed fixture. It is a bulb, baffle an trim all in one unit. Either that or simply buy LED light bulbs and screw them in and use as you are now with the same trim.
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