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  • New wall install

    I am thinking about add a wall with a door to close off a room in the basement (for privacy so it can be rented out). Do I need to cut slots in the carpet so that the wall sole plate sits on the concrete slab? Or can I anchor the floor plate over top of the carpet. The carpet is fairly new and I was thinking that wall could be removed should I decide to sell the house. Otherwise I would have to patch/repair the carpeting.

    Any ideas/thoughts on this?

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    yes but you're going to have holes where your sole plate anchors are. merely resting the sole plate on the carpet and building up from there will leave wall awfully wobbly. usually a sole plate is fastened to the slab with shoot in anchors.


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      Thanks! I measured and I only have 78" headroom, so I would have to cut down the door and frame. Any other thoughts. My new idea is use a sliding barn door. Any thoughts on this new idea?


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        use a pocket door