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Removal of plaster


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  • Removal of plaster

    I have a pice of rental property that has plaster for the walls and ceilings. The home has flooded from Hurricane katrina and mold is present. Should I remove the plaster entirely or just clean the plaster? Is plaster a porous compound? Any help is greatly appreciated. How hard is it to remove plaster?

    David Stevens

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    Breathing mask (good quality), rubber gloves, tyvek suit, rubber boots. Get a small dumpster by your house and start ripping it out. It's not a hard job, as drywall is easy to yank down, but that mold can be toxic. Of coarse, you'll still have to deal with mold that's on and into the studs and the flooring. I'm sure there's some spray disinfectants that are suggested for this issue. Wonder if FEMA has a site where you could get info how to handle this. Maybe your house insurance can guide you on help, too.