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Load Bearing on Vaulted Ceiling


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  • Load Bearing on Vaulted Ceiling

    I am remoldeling my condo and I am considering removing 2 walls. The ceiling is vaulted and there is a loft that i want to overlook the rest of the place. There are 2 rooms in the loft and it I want to remove the wall to make one large room and the other wall to allow you to view the living area below. The ceiling rafters are approximately 40' long and the 2 walls I want to remove are about 6 and 14 feet from the roof peek. This is a fairly large condo building that was built in 1975. How do I know which wall or if both are weight bearing? I am assuming the wall closest to the peak is load bearing but how do i know if both are. It doesnt seem like both would need to be since they are about 7-8 feet apart.

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    Take a look at this site BEFORE you take anything out!