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Re-Staining Pressure Treated Deck


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  • Re-Staining Pressure Treated Deck

    I am going to re-stain my pressure treated deck this spring. My plan is to use a cleaner and brush, not a power washer because I heard that can do more damage than good. I used Olympus Maximum semitransparent last time and within 6 months the stain was faded, pretty poor for a 5 year stain. I know I applied it properly; I was very dissatisfied with the results. This time I am going to try Sikkens. I plan on cleaning 2-3 days before staining and hopefully to stain on an overcast day so the sun doesn't bake it right away.

    How does my plan sound?

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    Cabots is my product of choice (I might be a tad bias because of my Aussies know one thing well and that's extreme weather protection.
    No matter what product you use, make sure after you wash the deck that it is dry before applying any treatment a moist deck will not absorb the finish and thus shorten the lifespan.
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      I don't think you'll ever get it cleaned to the point you wish simply because the base wood was pressure treated in a batch of stock. a whole skid of lumber was impregnated with the anti-what ever supplements.
      trying to get the original hue of the wood will be impossible because of this treatment process.


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        Pressure treated wood shouldn't be painted or coated in any way for two years after it was made. That's because the pressure treatment process forces water based chemicals fairly deep into the wood, and you need that time for the water in those chemicals to evaporate from the wood.

        So, if you applied that Olympus Maximum stain while water was still evaporating from that pressure treated wood, it wouldn't have been absorbed into the wood as it should have been.

        I, too, have heard many good things about both Cabot and Flood Company deck stains and water repellants.


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          Good to know about treated lumber... I have my decks stained about a year after they were built and the stain didn't hold up on the front desk and back stairs... Both are in the direct sunlight