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Temporary tapering of porch/deck


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  • Temporary tapering of porch/deck

    I purchased a home that I knew had a problem with the second floor porch/deck. It slopes towards the house. I live in an area that gets a ton of snow. The problem arises in the spring melt and the water seeps between the porch and the house then goes down the first floor wall and really causes problems both outside and inside.

    I’m thinking of putting in a temporary tapered “system” for the winter. Here’s what I’m thinking…

    Running tapered strips from the house to the edge of the porch every two feet.
    Cover tapering strips with plywood.
    Cover plywood with either tarp or plastic.

    I know I can do this but the tapering is going to be the PITA. I’m wondering if I should just get some 2x4s to go up against my house and sliding doors, then put a 1x? in the middle of the porch then go with my setup I describe above.

    See attachments. NOT TO SCALE!

    I'm open minded to all solutions.

    Thanks in advance.
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