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Broken wood board on garage door


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  • Broken wood board on garage door

    While backing up into my garage I broke the bottom wood board of my garage door. Garage door still work fine, I just want to avoid replacing the bottom board. How would I repair it, do I need a bracket of some sort of just nail it or bolt it?

    Thanks a lot
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    door repair

    yes you can probably repair it without removing the door. you'll need several "tools."
    you'll need to get a piece of steel about two feet long and almost as wide as the board. a quarter inch thick will do.
    drill holes at angles opposing each other the length of the steel.
    use 1/4-20 hex head bolts, nuts and washers.
    you'll need 3/4 inch pipe clamps, four will do, about three feet long.
    clean out the grooves where the insert panels go as best you can. remove the old bolts on the vertical wooden piece.
    using the pipe clamps, slowly compress the door wood back where it was starting from the out ward ends and work towards the middle. when the board is where you want it, use the drilled piece of steel and drill through the board. apply some poly resin glue to the break and fasten the steel to the door piece from the inside. use the bolts from the outside, through the wood, through steel to a washer and nuts and wrench it tight. now apply two more bolts to the vertical piece and wrench tight. you may need to adjust the weight tension spring to allow for the extra weight of the steel.