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insulation and other questions....


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  • insulation and other questions....

    Existing structure is a 30 x 30 addition about 45 yrs old. The north and south wall interiors are vertical knotty pine above the chair rail and horizontal below. The west wall has a 14' long split stone fireplace facade and 16' of floor cabinets with library above. There are windows in the north/south walls and there is electrical on all walls. Baseboard hot water heat on the three walls.
    Exterior on all three walls is board and batten cedar that was poorly applied. Under that is tar paper and beneath that is the old Celotex. I believe there is pink fiberglass insulation in some of the walls.
    Much has been compromised by squirrels and woodpeckers over the years and it all must be reworked.
    My plan is to remove all the cedar, Celotex and insulation from the outside. Repair any issues of electrical and critter damage.
    Options for replacing is to install unfaced insulation followed by 1/2" osb, followed by a Tyvek type wrap, followed by vinyl siding.
    Another option is to use a foil faced insulation with the foil on the room side.
    A third option is to use unfaced insulation, 1/2" osb, the fanfold styrafoam house wrap with joints taped, followed by the vinyl siding.
    What are your opinions/suggestions?
    Is there a pneumatic fastener available for attaching vinyl siding similar to a roofing nailer?

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    not really unless you can vary the depth the nail is driven. the slots in the siding allow for movement of the siding as it heats up and cools down. the nail heads are not driven down tight against the siding because of expansion and contraction.