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how to affordably cool house.


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  • how to affordably cool house.

    summer starts abt mid-dec, and is 4-8weeks over 40degC thru the day, and at least 30degC at night. inside house hotter still. house is brick bungalow with cement tile roof, prob 10yo. insulation unknown, but ineffective. steel fences abt 1m from 2 sides of house concentrate the heat from dawn til at least 1400. the low horizon setting sun bakes everything else until sunset. main windows face west. A portable 10,000btu rev cycle a/c ineffective and at >$7/day, unaffordable. hot, dry and extreme UV levels., little wind. A cooled mall abt 1.4km away, open mon-sat 0800 to 1900 [2100 thur] , 1000 to 1600 sun. all travel by mob. scooter, can charge at mall/take computer - timed free wifi, awkward toilets. if there, too much temptation to eat too much. i hope to get shadecloth strung up from eaves on 3 sides, with water dripped/micro-sprayed onto it. water temp. controlled on-off to keep brickwork cool, and thus the house. getting it done in time, or at all, is going to be difficult. diy impossible, and tradesmen fully booked now til march, low cash means no tools for it, bought/hired. my car not drivable atm. no social network, no alternative funding source, landlord won't help. i'll have to endure and hope i survive. maybe get it done in stages? compulsory retro-housing thermal control laws too far away. landlord will fund split system or similar, but i can't fund the running cost. energy cost relief subsidies not likely permanent nor enough. i don't know how to proceed.