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Replacing my backyard


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  • Replacing my backyard

    I know my timing is off and its a little too late to plant new grass, but i have killed off all the grass and weeds in my back yard and i want to plant new grass. I have seen you have till the dead grass or use a sod cutter. Which would be best? I feel like a sod cutter would be easiest since i could just roll the sod panels up and put that out to waste instead of raking all the grass from tilling. Just really want some suggestions and tips if you have any. Also i plan on reseeding not sod.too expensive. thanks.

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    Use "scott" products. they're tried n true. just ask anybody that maintains a golf course.


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      I heard pennington was good too. Also should I use that easy seed or that stuff that has built in fertilizer and paper?


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        Hey, sod cutters are portable, user friendly and adopt to any type of soil conditions.


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          If you have already killed off all the grass and weeds in your backyard, using a sod cutter to remove the dead grass would be a good option. This would make it easier to prepare the soil for new grass without having to deal with the old grass. However, if you prefer to till the dead grass into the soil, you can do so as well. When reseeding, you may want to consider using artificial grass as an alternative to natural grass. It requires less maintenance and water, and will save you money in the long run. Make sure to follow proper installation instructions to ensure the artificial grass looks and performs well.